The Infestation

pest inspection

Americans spend more and more dollars per day on controlling pests within their homes than simply enjoying their home. The appearance of pests within the home may not be as dramatic as the flames of a fire, but their slow and methodical destruction on your home can become dangerous and extremely costly. Removing the infestation as quickly as possible and using the right methods could not only save your home, but your wallet as well.

Understanding basic pest behavior is the first step of preventing these pests from entering your home. Many pests eat wood from the inside out while leaving the outside of the wood completely attached and smooth. It is important to watch for signs of infestation within the home. Signs may include loose wood, tiny dark colored droppings, webs, and discarded wings of insects.

In order to prevent big home damage it is better to use help of professionals like Phoenix pest control. While effective pest control required continued nurturing by a professional, there are some practical steps that you can take to prevent further damage to your home. Always avoid wood to ground touching. It offers easy access to wood of your home and the infestation can spread like a raging wildfire! It is also important to check the structure of your home periodically for any deep scratches or peeling paint. When you eliminate moisture from your home it will also do wonders! Insects have to obtain water also to survive and giving them the perfect living conditions could mean your jeopardizing your living situation. Keep downspouts and gutters free and clean of any debris and your chances of infestation will decrease greatly.

If you find such signs, there are several environmentally safe products on the market that can eradicate the pesky little insects quickly. You can use sprays in different forms that contain concentrates of liquid that will lure and eventually kill these pests slowly. Insecticides, foams, dusts, and baits are the most common forms of sprays. It is important to note that repellent insecticides and baits should not be within the same area. The repellent will have the insects fleeing therefore making the bait tactic unnecessary.

The next step is to prevent any reoccurrence of the infestation by proofing the house, fix plumbing, get rid of moisture, and so forth. Many Americans find this process can become tedious and decide to turn to the professionals. In this case, you would schedule a free consultation and a trained professional should come to your home to inspect it. They will review your current situation and then proceed to assist with future problems.